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Henry and the Paper Route
Beverly Cleary
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So far this book is about a boy named henry who would really like to have a job as a peper boy. He gets all dressed up and goes to the guy who is in carge of the papers. on his way to the job he goes to a rummage sale and sees 4 kittens. if you want to find out the rest read Henry And The Paper route!
Remona and Beezus
The Search for WondLa
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A girl named Eva is the last human. She was raised by a robot, that she called Muther. One day an intruder came and destroyed their home Eva had to go to the real world. She doesn't know if Muther is still alive and she lost everything she had except her survival kit.
The Spiderwick

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warriors:the darkest hour
erin hunter
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fire star is just learning to lead his clan he has to assign a new deputy every time the old one dies, he has to give warriors their new names (thornpaw; thornclaw). Tigerstar brought Scroge and blood clan to the forest a group of kittypets and rouges fire star has to lead his clan in to battle or let scroge and his clan hunt in the forest. If he lets scroge hunt in thunder clan territory in leafbare there will be no prey for thunder clan scroge looks fierse what will he do?


the wizard heir
cinda williams chima
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seph is an orphan and a wizard and his so called gardian is sending him to a school called the havens. Where instead of getting shuned he gets set horrible nightmares that make him go insane. the only for seph to get rid of the dreams is to link toGregory Leicester the headmaster and he promises to train Seph in magic, since seph is clueless. What will happen next read to find out.
Dork Dairys
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Right now Nikki has a huge case of crush-itis(wich means she has a huge crush)she has a huge crush on brandon.There is this girl named Mackenzie she's really mean to her,she Knows all her secrets.know there is a talent show Mackenzie want all the good dancers, she wants Nikki friends and Mackenzie posted an emmbarasing video on youtube of Nikki dancing at Queasy cheesy.
awesome book.



action, fiction, fantasy
1-30 -13
Books of Umber
P.W. Catanese
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twelve year-old happenstance awakens in a cave with no memory of who he is. soon, a mysterios trio arrives:lord umber the shy archer, sophie,and oats. Hap and his new acquantances narrowly escape the cavernous underworld and make thier way to the dazzling port city of kurahaven, wherwe lord umber is revered as an adventurer, royal aedviser, and chronicler of all things monstrous and magical.

Charlie Seidel
the other half of my heart
sundee t frazier

kira and differrent in many ways. kira hates nreading because she has deslexia. minni loves books. kira has afro hair. minni is a red head. also, black and minni is white. yet they are sisters. how will minni, who has millky pale skin, survive in a all black girl pagent? how will her and kiras friendship survive?
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The demon king
Cinda Williams chima
the demon king.jpg
Han is the main character in this story. Han lives in the mountain city of fellsmarch and one day he runs into some wizards and he and his friend dancer stop the wizards from continuing to burn down the forest. the leader of the three wizards drops an amulet that he wasn't supposed to have. then han goes to an old man and fugures out it is the demon kings amulet. What will Han do with the amulet?
the heir series or any fantasy book
Amelia Lost: The Life and Disappearance of Amelia Earheart
Candace Fleming
Battle Book Cover- Amelia Lost.jpg
Battle Book Cover- Amelia Lost.jpg

Have you wondered what Amelia Earheart's life was like, or how she got interested in flying? This book tells you about her life, her flights, all her records and the last flight she ever took. You find out what planes she owned and who taught her to fly. What she did when she was little and why she moved around so many times as a kid.
Flying, Amelia Earheart
The travel book

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the travel book is about tons of weird facts about countys.
travel books
Basketball top ten

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this book is baiscly just packed with stats from basketball.
dork diaries 5
rachel renee russel
external image talesfromanotsogracefuliceprincess.jpg
Nikki wants to help Brandon by skating for Fuzzy Friends in the Holiday on Ice show. When Nikki gets on the ice she realizes, she can't skate!!!!!!! how will she save the animals, Betty, and most of all keep Brandon from moving! read to find out!!!!!!!!!!
dork diaries 1-5
Anna :-3